How to Sexually Arouse a Woman

Sexually arousing a woman can be a very difficult task for a man who just doesn't know what they like. However, for those who take the time to learn about the likes and dislikes of women in general and their partner in particular, this can be a very simple thing. Here are a few things that can help a man who wants to really please his woman in bed.

Emotional Bonding Is Necessary for Women

emotional bondingOften, men find it difficult to understand why it is so difficult to sexually arouse a woman. After all, for them it is as simple as a sexy dress worn by their partner.

However, for women, emotional closeness is very important. You cannot really expect a woman to take one look at you and be aroused if she does not feel a bond with you. This is why you need to often give her time to get to know you well before you can actually jump into bed with her.

In relationships, the emotional bonding can disappear slowly without the man even realizing it. This turns a woman off sex since she no longer feels close to her partner. Unresolved conflicts, same old daily routine, and same old 'quick sex' attitude of the partner can turn a relationship into a boring job and sex as something that needs to be done just to get her partner off her case.

In such a situation, it is necessary that you take the necessary steps to resolve conflicts, spend some quality time with her, talk to her about why she is drifting apart, discuss if she wants to try something new as far as sex is concerned, and generally make her more comfortable with you.

Use Conversation to Make Her Feel Comfortable

Light-hearted conversation and laughter can get you far with a woman. If you begin talking to her about how boring your day was and how depressing life is, she is not going to feel like having sex. Let the mood be light and talk about things that can make her laugh and get comfortable with you. Be funny, use jokes to make her laugh, try and laugh at your self, and see where it takes you.

However, there is a very thin line between 'being funny' and 'being a jokester'. Be intelligent and funny with your comments. But if you go overboard and act like a total moron, she is not going to get turned on. So, be careful about what you talk about. You want to please her not turn her off.

Romance Her

Whether you have known the woman for a few days or for a decade, romance always works to turn a woman on. A candle night dinner, a romantic day at the beach, or something done especially for her can set the mood for a night of passion. Cooking her favorite dinner, getting her flowers, and dancing to a soft tune are things, which will bring a smile on her face and a flutter in her heart.

So, if the life has gone out of your relationship and your sex life, try romancing her with the usual flowers, dinner, and music. You will be surprised at what it can do even years after your marriage.

How to Increase Female Arousal

Foreplay has an important role to play in sexually arousing a woman.  Sexually touching her can do wonders for her sexual arousal as well as your enjoyment. Just take your time and don't focus on taking it to sexual intercourse. Just looking over her body lovingly will be enough to get her heart pumping. Touch her slightly with your hands, with as little a pressure as possible and see how wonderful it makes you both feel.

Touch the most sensitive parts of her body such as breasts, neck, ears, and inner thighs and keep doing it slowly and very lightly. If she likes more pressure, give her exactly that. You can follow it by touching the various parts of her body with your feet, legs, lips. Just take time letting her enjoy every moment and see how thankful she is going to be at the end of it all.

Female Arousal Products

So, you are looking for ways on how to get a woman aroused. You have tried romancing, foreplay, touching and everything that your friends told you about, but yet your partner just does not get aroused. What should you do here?

The first thing that most men think in such a situation is that maybe there is something wrong with them and their wives or girlfriends just do not want them any more. However, it may not be always true. It's quite possible that there are other factors at play here.

For example, stress, childbirth, depression, anxiety, and pregnancy can all reduce the woman's desire for sex. These things are mood killers and women often don't know themselves as to what's wrong with them. Pregnancy and childbirth can cause hormonal changes that can make it difficult for them to be interested in sex or to be adequately aroused. If the woman is above 40, she may be suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms that are brought on by the hormonal changes in her body.

Here, female arousal creams and female arousal gels can be really helpful. These can be often bought over the counter or on prescription and are fairly easy to use.

These products increase the flow of blood to the sex organs and make them more sensitive. All you need to do is apply the cream or gel as directed and let the thing work its magic. The product will heighten her sexual arousal and she will be as ready for sexual intercourse as you are.

An example of such an instant arousal gel, formulated entirely with natural ingredients, is the HerSolution™ Gel.

So, ask yourself, does your partner feel comfortable enough with you to enjoy sex with you? If not, do something to make her feel comfortable. If yes, why is she not interested in sex? This is where you can try some female arousal products to help her enjoy sexual activities as much as you do.

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