6 Common Causes for Lack of Sexual Desire in Young Women

lack of sexual desire in young womenLack of sexual desire in older women, especially post-menopausal women is something that is commonly heard of.

However, these days more and more young women are reporting a low sex drive problem and that too as young as their early 20s. While a fast-paced life with women dealing with work, family, relationship, and financial stress is a major contributor to low libido in young women, there may be various other causes.

Low sex drive in women in their 20s is a worrying problem, especially since these females are at the height of their fertility. Studies have revealed that the number of young women complaining of low sexual desire is constantly on the rise. The common medical diagnosis of this problem is female hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and the persistent loss of sexual desire causes these women personal distress and affects their relationship with their partner.

Here are some of the major culprits that can cause low sexual desire in these women.

Birth Control Pills Can Cause Loss of Sexual Desire in Young Women

Testosterone is a sex hormone which is often considered to play a role only in the sexual health of men. However, what most women do not realize is that this hormone is the key to their sex drive. Low levels of this hormone will lead to a decrease in your libido.

Most birth control pills contain the female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These pills can lead to low levels of testosterone in your blood stream, thus, reducing your sexual desire.

Stress and Depression May Lead to Low Libido

For women, emotional well-being is important for enjoying sex. Constant stress and depression can, therefore, act as a dampener on her sexual desire. If a woman feels overworked and is constantly on the run handling family and work problems, her desire for sex is bound to be low at the end of the day.

What these women often need is taking a good relaxing break to revive their sex drive. A relaxing holiday, daily relaxation or meditation practice, or simply getting some help on their daily responsibilities can make a major difference in their desire for sex.

Relationship Plays a Key Role for Women

Sex is different for both men and women. Men may consider sex as a means to connect with their partner. On the other hand, if a woman does not connect with her partner, she is less likely to go for any kind of sexual activity with her partner.

Therefore, for women, it's the time spent outside the bedroom that is more important than the time spent inside it. Foreplay plays an important part arousing the women. Simply talking, watching a movie, or going for a dinner date can get her interested in sex. If these romantic moments are missing in a woman's life, she may just slowly lose interest in indulging in sex.

Hormones Influence Sex Drive in Young Women

Lack of sexual desire in women in their 20s could also be due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Combine it with the mere exhaustion of giving birth and taking care of a young baby full-time, and you have a woman who is just not interested in any sexual activity.

Medical Conditions and Medications May Affect Sexual Desire

Depression is definitely a mood-killer. However, SSRI anti-depressants used to treat this mental illness will further kill the mood. Similarly, medications used to treat hypertension or high blood pressure can also inhibit your desire to have sex.

Besides these, there are certain medical conditions that can also dampen your sexual desire. Conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids are often painful for the woman and make enjoying sex a difficult task. Painful sex due to these conditions or infections in the genital areas or urinary tract may also turn you off sex.

Major Life Changes Can Affect Sex Drive

Women as young as their 20s are constantly going through major life changes. Change of a job, breaking of a relationship, or giving birth to a child are major changes that may impact a woman's desire for sex. However, mostly all a woman needs in such situations is some time to adjust to these changing roles to get back her desire for sex.

Tips to Improve Sexual Desire in Young Women

  • Aerobic exercises and strength training.

    Lifestyle changes can bring about a major difference in your sex life. Aerobic exercises and strength training can increase your stamina and also elevate your mood. Look for ways to take relaxing breaks on a daily basis. Five minutes spent listening to your favorite kind of music or just meditating can make a huge difference in your desire for sex.

  • Kegel exercises.

    Make sure to strengthen your pelvic muscles by doing Kegel exercises. All you have to do is contract your pelvic muscles and hold it for a count of 5-10. Release and repeat about 10-20 times or as you are comfortable. These exercises will increase your awareness of the muscles involved in sexual sensations and increase your desire for sex.

  • Natural supplements.

    Sometimes all it takes to get back your missing sexuality and even improve your sexual desire is one pill a day. There are already libido supplements on the market that are all natural, doctor-endorsed, and are designed to restore nutritional and stress-induced balances so that you can enjoy a healthy desire for sexual intimacy.

  • Communicating about sex.

    If you have relationship problems, you may want to communicate with your partner and resolve conflicts that may exist between the two of you. Communicating about sex can also improve sexual intimacy and improve the emotional closeness that you feel with your partner. If nothing helps, don't feel shy about seeking the help or a relationship or marital therapist.

  • Consult a doctor.

    If nothing works to improve your sex drive, then there may be an underlying medical condition that you need treatment for. Consult a doctor who can help diagnose your problem and offer treatment to cure the underlying medical condition. Effective management or cure of the underlying cause will definitely give a boost to your low sex drive.

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